Hot Tub Maintenance & New Spa Brands

Monthly Archives: July 2015

Your Guide to Hot Tub Pumps

One of the most common problems with hot tubs that are aging is pump failure. If your tub is over 5 years of age, various components – including the pump – will start to show...
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How to Choose a Hot Tub

Everyone has a different idea of what they may be looking for in a hot tub. There are many variables with hot tubs so no single spa will work for everyone. That is why Hot...
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Electrical Hookup Requirements for Hot Tubs

Plug and play 120 volt spas that operate at 110v-120v come with a 15′ GFCI cord already, so they don’t require all of the electrical installation below. Some spas are convertible from 120v to 230v...
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Riviera 3 Person Corner Hot Tub QCA Spas

One of the most popular corner spas in the world is the QCA Spas Riviera. This model is a plug and play spa, so it can be operated at 120 volts with the included GFCI...
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Hot Tub Tips for your New QCA Spa

When you get your QCA Spa installed and filled, the fun begins. Learning how to operate the spa is pretty easy. Many QCA Spas come with a 4 button control panel with settings for temperature,...
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Spa Pillows

Hot tub spa pillows come in many different sizes, shapes and colors. They mount to the spa differently as well. The QCA Spa pillows in recent models mount to the shell with 2 pins. The...
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