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Best Deal Going on a 2 Person Spa

This item is DISCONTINUED   Short on space or just prefer to keep hot tubbing cozy?  Then you might be in the market for a 2 person spa.  Most smaller models can fit indoors or...
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How to Choose a Hot Tub

Everyone has a different idea of what they may be looking for in a hot tub. There are many variables with hot tubs so no single spa will work for everyone. That is why Hot...
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Riviera 3 Person Corner Hot Tub QCA Spas

One of the most popular corner spas in the world is the QCA Spas Riviera. This model is a plug and play spa, so it can be operated at 120 volts with the included GFCI...
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What Size Hot Tub is Right?

This one is as individual as the person using the spa.  In general it is great to have enough room to move about, stretch and relax. For taller persons, this may mean a longer hot...
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QCA Spas History

QCA Spas has been in business since 1966 and has been manufacturing portable hot tubs since the early ’80s.  With worldwide distribution and large retailers carrying the products, the company has remained with us through...
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Why Buy A Spa

Why buy a hot tub? First it is for well-being, but also can be a great social or family gathering place. Relax muscles and tension and take time to unwind in your very own hot...
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Popular Hot Tub Colors 2013

Hot pink hot tub color 2013.
Popular hot tub colors in 2013 include silver marble, slate blue and some of the new colors like storm clouds and Tuscan sun. Is there a pink hot tub in the cards? Spa colors in...
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4 Person Hot Tub – Mystic Spa

QCA Spas Mystic
The Mystic hot tub model is a 4 person hot tub that fits comfortably on a deck or near the back door.  Sale Price: $2,797 (free delivery to most locations) This spa is plug and...
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Buying Hot Tub Tips

Buying a hot tub can be a pleasant experience, or feel like buying a used car depending on which salesperson shadows you once you enter the display area or showroom. Some will stalk you from...
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