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Hot Tub Post Storm and Hurricane Inspection

hot tub cover blows off in storm wind hurricane.
Lately, it seems there are more and more severe storms intruding our great country.  Perhaps it is just better news reporting, or maybe the Global Warming theorists have a point.  In any case, when disaster...
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September is Hot Tub Season

All across North America, the weather is finally just right.  Not too hot and not too cold.  For families, Fall means back to school and back to work.  Take a break in the evening and...
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Backyard Summer Party Preparation

Backyard Party Ideas
It’s summer and the backyard needs a once-over before that big summer party. Here are some tips on how to prep for your next backyard Summerfest. Cut the Grass – Early Rake first, then cut...
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Inflatable Hot Tubs Popular – Hot Tub Cinema

Hot Tub Cinema Outdoors
Inflatable hot tubs have always been the affordable solution when it comes to soaking in hot bubbles. The advantage of a portable, inflatable hot tub is that they can be setup and taken down easily...
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Alligator in a Florida Hot Tub

alligator in hot tub
You never know who may use your hot tub if you leave the cover off of it. One Florida woman was surprised to hear that is exactly what happened in her neighbor’s out of service hot...
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No Diving from the Hot Tub into the Pool

Dive from hot tub to pool
Well, you can’t post a sign around the pool or hot tub for everything, but there should have been a sign here saying “No Diving from the Hot Tub into the Pool”. Now if you...
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