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Therasauna Infrared Saunas Made in the USA

The main line of Therasauna infrared sauna cabins are manufactured in the United States. We also offer lower priced saunas that come from overseas. Therasauna has a manufacturing plant in Iowa with the heaters coming...
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Far Infrared Sauna Benefits

We stop by for a visit to Larry Jones with QCA Spas and Therasauna to update us on the benefits of a far infrared sauna called Therasauna. The number one benefit of a far infrared...
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Infrared Saunas

In any infrared sauna, sweat is the result. But what is sweated out depends on which sauna is used. Infrared saunas can release toxins stored in the body such as lead, mercury, chlorine, CO2 and...
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Therasauna Infrared Sauna Health Benefits

Over the last couple of decades, the benefits of infrared saunas have been extoled as well as tested. Studies show that sweating in a traditional sauna releases less toxins than in an infrared sauna. The...
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Therasauna Infrared Heater and Warranty Tips

When Therasauna was developed, it is very user-friendly. The deluxe Therasaunas have 6 screws on each side with an allen wrench included for easy assembly. If there is ever any service issue, anything can be...
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