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8 Easy Tips for Keeping Your Hot Tub Water Clean

Hot tubs are wonderful for hydrotherapy, pain relief and relaxation. However, spa water needs to be maintained to kill bacteria and maintain the water pH levels for safe bathing. Since the water in a hot...
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Hot Tub Startup Chemicals

What do I need in my hot tub on a new fill? Whether starting up a new hot tub or refilling the spa, assuring the proper chemicals are added to the water assures the safety...
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Chlorine vs. Bromine for Hot Tub Sanitizing

Bacteria can grow wild in hot, bubbly water, so it is important to maintain the proper sanitize level to keep bathers safe and the water fresh and clean. In a hot tub, if the water...
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Bacteria Test Kit Pool Spa Lake WaterSafe

Today we’re going to unbox and test the Bacteria Test Strips by WaterSafe. “Howdy and welcome to the Hot Tub Outpost” Is your water safe?  You don’t really know unless you test the water yourself. ...
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M-W-F Hot Tub Maintenance Program

We all want clear, clean water in our hot tubs all of the time. It does not have to be a burden or a chore with the simple M-W-F spa water care program. To maintain...
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How Often Should You Drain Your Hot Tub?

Most hot tub manufacturers recommend changing the hot tub water every 3-4 months depending on use.  If the water is maintained during that time, emptying the hot tub and refilling it every 3 months is...
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Hot Tub Filter Cartridges – Replacement and Care

Spray Hot Tub Filter
Manufacturers recommend changing the hot tub filter every year and cleaning it every couple of weeks.  Most manufacturers further recommend a filter bath or spray for deep cleaning once every couple of months. Hot Tub...
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QCA Spa Hot Tub Chemicals Spa Breeze

Hot Tub Chemical Guide Set
The Spa Breeze line which has recently been replaced with the Spa Choice line of hot tub chemicals is used in QCA Spas for all their new and existing hot tub customers as well as...
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