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8 Easy Tips for Keeping Your Hot Tub Water Clean

Hot tubs are wonderful for hydrotherapy, pain relief and relaxation. However, spa water needs to be maintained to kill bacteria and maintain the water pH levels for safe bathing. Since the water in a hot...
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Hot Tub Heater Troubleshooting

The hot tub heater is a cylinder that contains a heater element inside and a metal sheath or manifold on the outside. Two posts encased in epoxy on the top of the heater tube bring...
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My Hot Tub Has No Power

No power to the spa?  Here are some troubleshooting steps.  If nothing works and the control panel does not work, we need to know if we have power to the spa. If this is a...
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Operating Your QCA Spa

Becoming familiar with your QCA Spa includes knowing the different buttons on the control panel and how often to change the water and filter. 110 volt spas are very easy to set up. They are...
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QCA Spas 110 Volt Hot Tubs

110 volt hot tubs are easy to install and this is one of the main features that makes them so attractive.  Simply plug in the included GFCI power cord into a standard power outlet, fill the...
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QCA Spas Filters Online

Spa Hot Tub Filters
Every year or so, the filters on your QCA Spa should be replaced.  The owner’s manual as well as industry experts suggest that the spa filter should be cleaned every week or two in order to lower any stress...
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Finding Hot Tub Filters For Sale

Filter after cleaning
Hot Tub Filters – Keeping Your Spa Water Clean There are many components of a hot tub that work together to keep your spa water clean and sanitized. All these components need to be cared...
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