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Spa Heater Troubleshooting Guide

One of the top reasons people love their spas is because it is so soothing and therapeutic to soak in warm water. The spa water heats as it is circulated through the plumbing system and...
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Hot Tub Jets Source

Spa jets are the different shaped and sized outlets for the massaging action that the spa water provides.  The jet pump propels the water through plumbing, hose, pipe and manifolds to eventually end up at...
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My Hot Tub Has No Power

No power to the spa?  Here are some troubleshooting steps.  If nothing works and the control panel does not work, we need to know if we have power to the spa. If this is a...
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Hot Tub Heater Element Replacement

Hot Tub Heater Elements Hot tub heater elements can become inefficient over time as calcium deposits collect on it.  In the flow-through electric hot tub heater design, water passes over a heater element inside the...
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Hot Tub Relay Failure Causes

Troubleshooting hot tub relays on a spa circuit board such as Balboa or Gecko is tricky.  Often the board is just replaced, but when having to repeatedly change out circuit boards, other things may cause...
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